APRA Prudential Handbook

Use the Prudential Handbook to access APRA’s standards, guidance and related information.

About the Prudential Handbook

The Prudential Handbook is a way for regulated entities to navigate the prudential framework. In the Prudential Handbook, you can access all prudential standards and related guidance relevant to your industry. Reporting standards are currently found on APRA's website.

The Prudential Handbook does not replace the Federal Register of Legislation, which contains the authorised versions of all prudential standards (and other legislative instruments made by APRA). Instead, it offers a way to search for and within standards and guidance. It also shows how the standards fit within the framework.

The prudential framework

APRA sets legal requirements and guidance for the entities it regulates (the prudential framework).

The framework is organised into pillars (or categories). Each pillar focuses on one aspect of an entity's legal responsibilities, including the risks they must manage.

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Resilience (for banking and insurance) or Business Operations (for superannuation)
  • Recovery and Resolution
  • Reporting